PKP courses taken

English Gothic Architecture, Literature and Visual Culture, and Literary London

PKP accommodation

Pembroke College

Thoughts on PKP

The PKP summer programme was such a wonderful way for me to spend my final summer before entering my last year of college at my home university. Through the programme I was able to meet talented, friendly students from all over the world and explore everything that Cambridge and the United Kingdom have to offer – and believe me, both have plenty to offer for everyone.  When I wasn’t learning from Cambridge’s exceptional faculty, I was punting on the river Cam, taking day trips to London, seeing plays in King’s College gardens, visiting Cambridge’s diverse museums, attending Formal Halls, enjoying PA planned events, and hopping on an eight hour bus to Scotland.

However, I didn’t just have fun once my PKP courses ended for the day. My courses challenged me to engage with diverse and new material while simultaneously providing me with unforgettable field trips to the London Museum, Ely Cathedral, and around Cambridge.

The PKP programme has left me with memories and new friends I will always cherish as well as the overwhelming impression that summertime in England is best spent at Cambridge, even when it rains.

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