PKP courses taken

Film and Theatre Journalism, Screen Adaptation, and The Marriage of Spirit and Matter

PKP accommodation

Pembroke College

Thoughts on PKP

The lawn, court and architecture – the atmosphere – were exactly how I had pictured Cambridge – ancient, gothic, British, and Harry Potter-like. I was overwhelmed by the beauty and magnificence of the buildings. The summer PKP had offered me was as magical as Cambridge itself. I did things that I would not be able to do back in my home university. Every day was adventurous and fun, be it making amazing new friends or exploring traditional British culture, the entire experience was eye-opening.

The courses were very inspiring and intellectually stimulating. The journalism course offered me insight into British theatre and art journalism. Although it might be somehow demanding, it was very rewarding to see the progress I had made in composing journalistic articles. Besides, I also got to take a painting course in which we literally drew, painted and learnt how to appreciate art. It enables me to recognize the beauty of art. It had been fulfilling over the course of two months. That is, PKP had inspired me to further pursue the studies in fine arts, British literature and Shakespeare’s plays.

Nobody wanted to leave – lovely friends, spectacular buildings, humorous porters, excellent lecturers, thought-provoking lectures and friendly Programme Assistants. It was the toughest and most torturing to say goodbye. We all cried tears of joy, of sadness, of happiness.

Who would have known? PKP has made my dream come true. I lived the two months with no regret. It is definitely one of the most extraordinary and memorable summers I have ever had in my life. The entire experience is just magical.

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