PKP courses taken

Behavioural Economics, Finance and Quantitative Analysis, and Classical British Architecture

PKP accommodation

King’s College

Thoughts on PKP

Cambridge was a surreal experience for me – living in Bodley’s Court, eating in the King’s dining hall, studying in the King’s library and having the privilege to visit other college grounds as a student on PKP. Every day, it felt like I was in a living museum.

Being a classic bookworm, I enjoyed a lot the Cambridge-style teaching and learning environment. The professors were approachable as well as open to new perspectives and ideas during class discussions. Coming from an engineering background, I particularly enjoyed the Classical British Architecture classes during which I learnt to identify pediments and entablatures in classical buildings, architectural jargon known only to those who studied them. Analysing these buildings was really interesting as the professor encouraged us to study the appearance of the buildings based on historical facts and the era of construction.

Aside from the geeky stuff, the next best thing was of course exploring the grounds of Cambridge, both the city centre and its surrounding villages. Taking the one hour walk to Granchester is highly recommended. If you’re slightly more adventurous, you could take a five to six hour walk in the countryside to Wimpole Hall as well. The grandeur of the summer house and its grounds will amaze you.

Looking back, I’m humbled by how fortunate I was to have been part of PKP and Cambridge. One word to describe it: Incredible.

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