Spring Semester Programme

Apply now for the 2018 Spring Semester Programme – please submit your applications soon as the programme is nearly full!

Each year Pembroke College accepts around thirty students from overseas universities for a two-term semester of study (mid-January to mid-June) at the University of Cambridge.

This prestigious Spring Semester Programme requires you to meet the same high standards as those applying for an undergraduate degree at Cambridge. As a semester student you matriculate (become a full member of the University) and thus take the same lectures and participate in the same extracurricular activities as Cambridge students, and you also live in University accommodation.

You would normally follow a standard undergraduate programme during the Lent and Easter Terms of the academic year, working one-on-one with leading academics. You would be expected to arrive the weekend before the beginning of Full Lent Term, and leave on the weekend after Full Easter Term. The last week of Easter Term, known as ‘May Week’ despite it being in June, is famous for its parties, concerts, college balls and garden parties and this is an ideal way for you to round off this exceptional Cambridge experience. We recognise though that sometimes students may need to leave Cambridge slightly earlier to begin internships in the US, and in these cases we are usually able to make special arrangements to enable earlier departures.

Click on the SoundCloud button below to listen to a podcast introducing the Spring Semester Programme.

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