Social Aspects

Each Cambridge College is a separate institution with its own structure, culture, and philosophy. Colleges provide personal and academic support for students and allocate housing. The Spring Semester Programme is administered by Pembroke College and all semester students will matriculate as Pembroke College members.

As a Semester student you will be a Cambridge student and consequently there are plenty of extracurricular activities you can get involved in. Whether you’re interested in sports, music, acting, politics or journalism, there will be a student club, or Society as they are called in Cambridge, you can join.

Colleges are hubs of social activity. Each college has a bar and a Junior Common Room (JCR) which is the focus of undergraduate life. Pembroke’s JCR is actually called the Junior Parlour (JP) and its website gives a flavour of what College life has to offer.

At the University level too there will be more opportunities for you to explore extracurricular interests. The Cambridge University Students’ Union (CUSU) represents Cambridge students at the University level, and provides central services, support and entertainment for all students. University societies involve students from all the Colleges and there is a huge variety of societies.

In addition to the opportunities available at the College and University levels, the International Programmes Department at Pembroke organises further activities for you. The semester begins with a welcome buffet and orientation and ends with a Garden Party. Other highlights include a special drinks reception hosted by the Master of Pembroke, a Formal Hall to which you can invite your supervisor, and a visit to nearby Ely with its magnificent cathedral.