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Coffee, Cakes and Cafe Changes

You may have noticed some changes in the servery and bar lately.  Kit Smart investigated what’s going on… Nina Rhodes started as catering manager in January this year, diving in at the deep end with feasts, formals, and the campaign launch dinner.  While managing these big events and the day-to-day needs of students, staff and Fellows, she’s also been making small changes to improve our experience of Pembroke food. The…

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Lancelot Andrewes and a royal gift of books

Following the successful completion of the Incunabula Cataloguing project, the College Library has recently embarked on a new venture: the cataloguing of the Lancelot Andrewes’ Collection of early printed books.…

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Three Men in a Boat? Nine Women Actually!

The boat race is a six month journey culminating in the short burst of intense effort that we see on the Thames in March every year.  Here’s a bit of history about the women’s race. The boat race this Sunday between Oxford and Cambridge is the major event for CUBC and OUBC, who have been racing every year since 1829 (with the exception of the first and second world wars).  The boats are known as ‘Blue Boats’ – a reference to the light blue of Cambridge and dark blue…

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Irish Literature in the Library

You can always find an interesting display of library material around College, and this week is no different. From the display: “In the summer of 2016, Pembroke College received a…

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Sports-people of the year? We think so!

This year, Pembroke students have been showcasing their skills in everything from rowing to table tennis. Inter-collegiate sport The women’s football team had a successful Cuppers this year, beating favourites…

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