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Trial of Queen Mary, Great Chamber, Fotheringhay Castle (The British Library)

Tudor Family Drama, Castles, and Pembroke

The Tudors aren't what you might immediately think of when you think of Pembroke, but through Framlingham and Fotheringhay, the College is connected to some significant moments in what was a very dramatic Royal line. Fotheringhay Fotheringhay was given to Catherine of Aragon by Henry VIII. At the time it was in need of…

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Dutch Elections Roundtable: Understanding populism and election dynamics in the Dutch context

In the midst of Storm Doris, the Pembroke Politics Society and POLIS put on a roundtable discussion about the upcoming Dutch Elections. The Dutch general elections on the 15th March currently look set to follow the trend begun with Brexit and Trump; an increasing presence of populist parties in mainstream politics.  In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders’s populist Freedom Party (PVV) is doing well in the opinion polls. Unfortunately, as a result of Storm Doris, only one speaker was present for the main part of the event. Dr Matthijs Rooduijn from the University of Utrecht and specialist on populist parties, made it from the Netherlands despite the high winds.  The event…

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International Women’s Day: Blog round-up

Today is International Women’s Day, this year with the theme #BeBoldForChange; a call for inclusiveness and gender equality. If you’re looking for some interesting reading material, look no further! Below…

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Arrival of the Lampedusa Cross

On Ash Wednesday, 1 March 2017, we received in Chapel a cross which is simultaneously a work of art, and a poignant reminder of the human cost of the Refugee…

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