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Fundraising for the Jo Cox Memorial Studentship

In June 2016 the College was shocked and saddened by the death of Jo Cox MP, who joined Pembroke as Jo Leadbeater in 1992.  Since then, it has been wonderful to see how the entire College Community has come together. Part of the College’s response to Jo Cox’s death has been to establish the Jo Cox Memorial Studentship, which seeks to raise at least £120,000 to fund a scholarship for…

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Bradford John (c 1510-1555)

Pembroke and the Reformation

Guest blog by Jonathan Reimer Nearly five hundred years ago, in October 1517, a professor at the little-known University of Wittenberg sparked an explosive debate about the nature and meaning…

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A Little Pembroke History: Exploring College Treasures

The Display of College Treasures is an annual event showcasing a section of some of the documents and objects that represent Pembroke history.  The College Recorder reflects on the experience. The College contains many treasures, some of which I have had, as College Recorder, the pleasure of exploring over the last six months. I am not someone who is particularly interested in history and I went through three years as a Cambridge undergraduate without being able to remember the date of my College’s founding and without anything but a passing interest in its history.  Now the year 1347 is branded into my memory, and I find myself strangely attached to…

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This day in history: 19th May

Pembroke, since its founding in 1347, has experienced a good deal of the ups, downs, and unexpected twists of history.   Here’s some of what happened on this day in history.…

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