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Choir on tour: York Minster

Pembroke's choir visited York Minster this month for a packed residential tour.  Here, Soprano Grace England writes all about it (Original blog posted on our music website)             The songbirds of the Pembroke Choir have already been exercising their vocal chords in the beautiful York Minster where we sang last weekend to mark the start of Epiphany. Friday started early for our choristers, as trains were…

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A Valencian to-do list

Alexa Segal has written a handy to-do list for new grads in Pembroke Take advantage of the amazingness that is the GP: The GP is a magical place: tea, coffee,…

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12 days of Pembroke: the details

If you follow us on social media you'll have seen our 12 days of Pembroke photos.  If you missed them or want to know more about the photos, look no further! Day 1: Martlet in a pear tree The martlet motif can be seen all around Pembroke, but the birds aren't actually real - they're normally inhabiting our crest, not our trees! Day 2: Librarians This photo actually doesn't include our librarian, Patricia Aske.  Pictured here are Natalie, junior librarian, and Charlotte, our graduate librarian.  They're standing in front of a fireplace constructed out of books by the 'Pemgineers', Pembroke's very creative, engineers. Last year's construction, an igloo, was captured in…

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Thomas Gray: 300 today!

The 26th December 2016 marks 300 years since the birth of the poet Thomas Gray.  Best known for his work An Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard, he published less…

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