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PKP Week 1

The first week of the Pembroke-King's Summer Programme has ended, and student Angie, of Illinois Wesleyan University, tells us about her experiences so far. Every time I enter the historic gates of Pembroke or King's, I am in awe at the beauty and nobility of the campuses. Everywhere I turn in this incredible city, there are captivating ornate buildings housing the same incredible intelligence that fostered some of the most talented…

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Desiring the Middle East at Pembroke

One of the regular lecture series at Pembroke is the ‘Desiring the Middle East’ series, organised by Dr Sertaç Sehlikoglu. The central concern of this bi-weekly seminar series is to…

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Interview with a Fellow: Seismology to Mongols

How do you go from earthquake history to the Mongols? This is the subject of part two of our interview with Fellow and Professor of Persian History, Charles Melville. As a newly appointed lecturer at Cambridge he looked for new questions to ask, and landed on the Mongols. Not the rise of the Mongol Empire – there were enough books about Genghis Khan already. But what was behind a powerful Mongol empire coming to an end? Unchallenged in terms of force, but governing Iran – a country the size of the whole of Western Europe – without an agreed-upon heir; internal pressures soon materialised. This is where a connection appears between Mongol…

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