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Culture, Creativity, Community: Why Music Matters

The Choir of Pembroke College, led by Director of Music Anna Lapwood, is currently in Zambia on the 2017 Choir tour. A major part of the choir tour – and the campaign to raise funds for it – has been an emphasis on musical education and cultural exchange.  The choir are working in association with the Estelle Trust and the Muze Trust to offer notation workshops to communities in Mukuni…

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Women and Girls in Science: PhD

Undergraduate: Holly Chetwood is a third year Chemistry student Holly is part of the Natural Science Tripos, and has specialised into Chemistry now she’s reached her third year of study.…

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Societies, students, and socialising, a freshers’ week round-up

A lot goes on in Pembroke during the first week of term, colloquially known as freshers' week.  Here is a summary of a small handful of activities and events Freshers’ week, that first week of term filled with socialising and introductions for new students, is now over.  As usual, students have been entertained by our hard-working societies and Junionr and Graduate Parlour Committees (JPC and GPC).  Here is a round-up of a small snap-shot of the range of activities that go on at Pembroke.     On Sunday students and parents joined the Dean…

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LGBT+ History Month

If you’ve seen the many rainbow flags flying from Cambridge colleges, you’ll know it’s LGBT+ history month What you might not know is how many great events our Graduates have…

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A Valencian to-do list

Alexa Segal has written a handy to-do list for new grads in Pembroke Take advantage of the amazingness that is the GP: The GP is a magical place: tea, coffee,…

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Art as a Medium for Action

Pembroke PhD student Cinthia Willaman (2010) has been working with artist Gyunel Rustamova to curate an exhibition entitled Art as a Medium for ACTION, opening this week in London and…

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