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Culture, Creativity, Community: Why Music Matters

The Choir of Pembroke College, led by Director of Music Anna Lapwood, is currently in Zambia on the 2017 Choir tour. A major part of the choir tour – and the campaign to raise funds for it – has been an emphasis on musical education and cultural exchange.  The choir are working in association with the Estelle Trust and the Muze Trust to offer notation workshops to communities in Mukuni…

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A Year of Pembroke: 2016-17

A lot happens in Pembroke over the course of a year.  In this video our College Recorder looks back at a year in the life of Pembroke. This short video…

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Biennale: Creative, Colourful, Captivating!

The decoration of a May Ball is one of the most important aspects of these events.  Pembroke did not disappoint. Biennale was the theme. Meaning, simply, biennial or ‘every other year’ in Italian, within the art world ‘biennale’ denotes large-scale contemporary art exhibitions, and was popularised by the Venice Biennale first held in 1895.  Given the scale of the Venice Biennale (in 2003, it had seven co-curators, and today it has an attendance of over 500,000) this was a bold theme to choose. Immediately upon entering the College it became apparent that organisers had approached their task with enthusiasm and real skill. Suspended above Old Court was a series of…

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Green Impact: Gold!

Green Impact is a university-wide environmental accreditation scheme, encouraging Colleges to reduce environmental impacts. This year, Pembroke achieved a Gold level. Lily Maxwell is the Pembroke Green Impact Officer, which…

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