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Hidden Places at Pembroke: the Vestry

There are some places in Pembroke that most of our members and visitors won't usually see. One of these is known best to the Choirs of Pembroke: the Vestry. The vestry is a small room by the Chapel, accessed by the same easily-overlooked door that leads to the organ loft. Here the Choir get ready for services, store their robes, and of course make cups of tea. The vestry has…

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Abbey house (2)

Spooky stories

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time for some spooky stories… 1. Abbey House Tucked behind Newmarket Road in Cambridge sits what is purported to be ‘the most haunted…

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Releasing nervous energy

The William Pitt Seminar is one of Pembroke's flagship events. Every year, students, staff, fellows, alumni, friends and other guests come together for a lecture, discussion and dinner in order to think together about a topical issue. This year the subject was energy. Four panelists presented their views on the subject, summarised here in a gallery showing their most pertinent quotes. (Photo credit: Nigel Luckhurst) Within their talks, the various speakers presented a range of surprising facts and figures about energy consumption: The conclusion? 'Let's have a good crisis.' If you would like more information about this event, see our news article. Further events reports and video clips…

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The house that Izhan & Roberta built

There probably aren’t many students that spend their holidays building flat-pack houses in deprived Brazilian favelas. Yet that’s just what Izhan Khan (Engineering, 2012) and Roberta Wilkinson (Natural Sciences, 2013)…

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Monica (2)

Inspecting the glass ceiling

‘I’m living proof that Cambridge can be different,’ says Pembroke PhD candidate Monica Wirz. ‘I am much older than most graduate students. I’ve already had a successful career. I’m about…

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Staff views of freshers’ week

The boxes have been unpacked, freshers’ flu has arrived and lectures have begun: freshers’ week is well and truly over. Inspired by The Guardian, we asked two of our staff…

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