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17-11-24 I will week

I will week 2017 – Pembroke House

I will week is about celebrating and promoting social action, so we've been sharing testimonies about how Pembroke House does just that. Pembroke House is the College’s social action centre in Walworth, South London, just off the Old Kent Road. Founded in 1885 on the initiative of undergraduates, Pembroke House still fulfils the original vision of a “settlement”, where living locally, learning and receiving are just as important as giving and…

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17-11-20 Pembroke House (Mark)

Life at Pembroke House: Mark

‘I will week’ is also about social action. Where better to be talking about than Pembroke House? Pembroke House is a multi-use community space in Walworth, south east London. It was…

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Artur Harris wins 24th Riley Declamation Prize

Congratulations to Artur Harris (2016) on being awarded the 2017 Riley Declamation Prize. The prize is awarded annually to a student who can show excellence in both speech writing and delivery.  The speech must be on a topical European theme, and it must last between 10 and 15 minutes; beyond that the details are decided by the entrants. The finalists’ declamations took place in the Master’s Lodge on the 9th November.  This year the prize was judged by Lord Christ Smith (Master); Dr Dan Tucker (Senior Tutor); and Dr Geoffrey Edwards. They were assisted by Giselle Riley, widow of Brian Riley, accompanied by Dr Tensay. This year there were five finalists, all of…

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Remembrance at Pembroke

Once more we find ourselves talking about memory. Remembrance is part of the rhythm of the year now; the poppy a symbol widely recognised and understood. Why is remembrance so…

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