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Hidden Places at Pembroke: the Vestry

There are some places in Pembroke that most of our members and visitors won't usually see. One of these is known best to the Choirs of Pembroke: the Vestry. The vestry is a small room by the Chapel, accessed by the same easily-overlooked door that leads to the organ loft. Here the Choir get ready for services, store their robes, and of course make cups of tea. The vestry has…

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Smiles, Showers, and a Sumo Suit: The 2018 Charity Cycle Ride

On Saturday 12th May, a mix of 12 grads and undergrads accompanied by the Dean, James Gardom, set off from Pembroke set off for an epic cycle from Oxford to Cambridge, all for an incredible cause. The day before the ride we packed our bikes into the college van, headed over to Oxford on the X5 and got together at the Dean’s brother's house for a carb-loading feast of pizza, crisps and beer. Following a team talk, it became clear that we were pretty well divided into two groups – newbies to the ride, and old hands who’d done the cycle before. We went our separate ways to get a…

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College statutes, printed c.1580 and once belonging to Matthew Wren

A Piece of History

The College Treasures are, in many cases, a tangible link connecting us with almost 700 years of history. In the 2018 annual Display of Treasures members of the College were able…

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