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A room of one’s own

Earlier in September our graduate students moved to their new bedrooms. Here, two of them reveal how they are making the place feel like home.

Courtney (2013), PhD in Pathology


‘I have signed up as a hostel keeper, meaning that I am in charge of a house of about seven undergraduate students. I have the biggest room – it is right at the top of the house, so moving my stuff in resulted in lots of bruises. This room is almost double the size of the room I had last year, which is great. It does have quite a low ceiling and I’m pretty tall, so the furniture has been arranged to make sure I don’t keep banging my head. Actually, my yoga mat is positioned in the only place in the room where I can reach my arms up without hitting the ceiling!

‘I’m still unpacking all of my flotsam and jetsam, like my blankets and wheat bag cuddly toys. When term starts I’m going to get some pictures for my wall too so I can make things look a bit more ‘arty’. At the moment I’ve put up what I’ve got: a lei from the World Cup, a little boomerang for my door, a horse puppet from Burma and my spoon from last year’s bumps races. I’m a rower and so I have a whole section of my room set aside for my rowing gear. I also love cake, so I’m glad this house has an oven – even if you have to press a button every 10 minutes to make sure it stays on. But the best thing about this house is that it is so close to my department: I can get there in under a minute.’

Alice (2008), PhD in Criminology


‘I’m living in a house that’s about two minutes cycle from my department and three from College. Last year I was living in a privately rented house in the north of the city, so it is nice to be so much closer. However, if anything it will mean I spent less time in College. Last year I would kill time between appointments by sitting in the Graduate Parlour, but now I have time to pop home instead so I’ll probably only go in a few times each week. My room is smaller than the one I had last year, so that will take some adapting. I actually had to send a whole load of stuff back to my parents’ house, and I borrowed their car to help me move the rest across town.

‘I did keep some paintings. One shows D staircase in Pembroke, where I lived in my second year, and another is a really colourful painting of the house where I grew up. They were both given to me as presents for my twenty-first birthday. I also have all of my books and my wool for knitting: I’m part of the graduate knitting society, which is great fun. One of the best things about this house is that it has a lovely garden. I can’t wait to sit out there in the sun and read.’

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