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A Year of Pembroke: 2016-17

A lot happens in Pembroke over the course of a year.  In this video our College Recorder looks back at a year in the life of Pembroke.

This short video can’t show everything that happens.  Many more students, staff and Fellows will have achieved great things this year, and there are more talks and events than any one person could attend. Here are some of the things that we didn’t include, but that are equally important:

  • The International Programmes, which brings international students to Pembroke through the Spring Semester and Pembroke-Kings Programmes, celebrates it’s 40th anniversary. To learn more, look for IP at 40 under ‘Latest News’.
  • Also celebrating an anniversary is our Corporate Partnership Programme, which is unique to Pembroke.
  • You can visit our Youtube Page to find our series exploring our Fellows’ research.
  • To learn more about our campaign, The Time and The Place, you can watch a video about it here or visit the website.
  • In October, we held the annual William Pitt Seminar, on the topic of the place of universities in 21st century Britain.
  • Our graduate students continued with a fantastic series of talks about their research, called Pembroke Papers, which you can watch online on their Facebook page
  • As part of our overall response to the ongoing refugee crisis we sought to learn more about the issues involved with the Pembroke Refugee seminars.


To keep up with what happens in Pembroke, you can keep an eye on Latest News or the Kit Smart blog, and you can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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