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Families, Education and Well-being from the UN to Pembroke

Monday 15th May was the UN’s International Day of Families.  This year’s theme is ‘Families, education and well-being’, which, in exam term, are three things it’s important to think about.

The final, Easter term of the academic year is one of extremes.  Many students go from intense revision to suddenly having nothing to do the day their exams finish, and – in the case of final years – finding themselves abruptly faced with the end of their time at Pembroke. Education may be the focus of Easter term, but it’s important to ensure the well-being of the entire Pembroke family too.

Every time a student writes a blog with self-care tips (like the article in this month’s Pembroke Street, providing de-stressing tips), offers to host meditation sessions, or takes part in a College initiative it reinforces the strength of our community, but it’s not all up to them.  From the tutors to the College Nurse our staff and Fellows are here to help with the education and well-being of our students.  We have families in the form of College parents; students who are there to smooth the transition for first years, make them feel welcome, and answer some of the many questions that arise in your first year as a student. It is wonderful, for instance, to watch our Graduates come together as a community; it is almost impossible to host any event at which one student speaks without having several of their friends turn up in support.  And that is to say nothing of our actual graduate families; there is something particularly wonderful about a baby enjoying a BA dinner!

From the alumni who continue to be part of, and to support, the College community many years after their graduation, to the Housekeeping, Catering and Maintenance staff who ensure that College is a pleasant place to live and work, it really does take a village. Thank you to everyone who is part of ours.


Thank you to Pembroke Street for these lovely de-stressing tips! Click on the image for a larger version. Should you need help or feel like you’re struggling, there are many forms of help available in College and from the University

De-stress tip 1 De-stress tip 2 De-stress tip 3 De-stress tip 4

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