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Fresher’s Week: Preparing for day 1

Fresher’s week will soon be here, and students will be returning to Pembroke, including first years moving in for the first time. If that’s you, read on for some tips for navigating that first day.

There are several ways to arrive in Pembroke. We’re an easy bus ride or walk from the train station, but if you’re arriving by car it’s a good idea to make sure you know where the car parks are – there’s one just around the corner from us on Pembroke Street – because we have limited space here in College. If there is a space – the entrance is on Tennis Court Road – you’ll only be able to stay there 30 minutes to unload.

Once you’ve parked, unloaded your stuff, and caught your breath, you’ll need a key.  The first stop is the Porter’s Lodge, by the main entrance, where you can pick up your key and ask our capable and friendly Porters anything you need to know about moving in. Once you’ve moved in, you’ll also need to visit the Porters’ Lodge to register your bike – allowing you to park it in College – and to check your pigeon hole. Pigeon holes are where your post will be, and there may be important letters and information in there even from the first day.

While all this activity is going on, it’s easy to leave your key in your room. If you do, the Porters can help, but do make sure you have your key with you and have locked your room whenever you leave!

You may find this map helpful in finding your way around. You can download a map and find directions to Pembroke on our website:

College map

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