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A Halloween visitor comes to Pembroke!

Today is Halloween, so we’ve got a spooky visitor to add a creepy edge to college. Meet Bram the vampire spider!

The Library

If you’ve spent any time as a student in Pembroke you’ll be well acquainted with the college library.  Here students can access books relevant to their studies, as well as quiet spaces to work and the help of our librarians.  The College has a very well-stocked Library, which is a quiet and pleasant place to study, open 16 hours a day. Pembroke’s Library has an excellent collection in all the main teaching subjects, mainly for undergraduates, but all students are encouraged to recommend books useful for their studies. The Library currently has approximately 40,000 books on its open shelves, and an historic collection of rare books which are frequently on display. The Library has different reading rooms offering alternative working spaces, and a lift to the upper floors for disabled access.

It is open to resident members of the College only and visiting scholars by appointment.










Porters Lodge

Porters should be just as familiar to anyone who has spent any time in a Cambridge college.  The Pembroke Porters are always there manning the gate, keeping an eye on things and answering questions from guests, students, and Fellows alike.  They’re not afraid to report trouble-makers like Bram!

IMG_1244 IMG_1256 IMG_12583










Alongside spiders with a taste for the theatrical and a strong appreciation for the Phantom of the Opera, the Chapel is home to Pembroke Choir.

Pembroke Choir offers a wide range of opportunities for its singers.  Whilst many people believe that being in a college choir just involves singing for Chapel services each week, this is not the case. The weekly services are crucial as a means of training for the choir and expanding their repertoire. Let’s not forget the free formal hall every Sunday; after a year in the choir, everyone is an expert at balancing chocolates on their face and navigating the traditions of Hall. Alongside weekly commitments, the Choir also places a considerable emphasis on giving something back to the community through outreach, working with associated organisations including Pembroke House and Pembroke Academy of Music in London. This is something the choir is hoping to develop further afield over the course of the next couple of years, through tours both within the UK and also on an international scale. There’s also a wide range of non-chapel music at Pembroke, from AcaPembroke to the Arthur Bliss song series. We usually leave playing the organ to the Organ Scholar, or to Director of Music Anna Lapwood, sorry Bram!

IMG_1308 IMG_1306










Bram also enjoyed attending yesterday’s anthem.  There’s a lot of opportunities for attending recitals in Pembroke, so keep an eye out for those.


Last but not least, we can’t forget the college cat, Millie.  She’s quite shy, so if you see her in college be sure to give her some space, but as Bram found out she can be friendly when given the chance!


Even on Halloween Pembroke is a friendly place, and a busy one.  It’s hard to keep track of everything that goes on, so keep an eye on the Kit Smart blog to stay up to date.

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