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Hidden Places at Pembroke: the Vestry

There are some places in Pembroke that most of our members and visitors won’t usually see. One of these is known best to the Choirs of Pembroke: the Vestry.

IMG_2721The vestry is a small room by the Chapel, accessed by the same easily-overlooked door that leads to the organ loft. Here the Choir get ready for services, store their robes, and of course make cups of tea.

The vestry has been recently re-organised by Director of Music Anna Lapwood in preparation for the start of term. This year there’s an exciting new addition to the Pembroke music scene: the Pembroke Girls’ Choir. Aimed at girls aged 11 – 18 from schools in and around Cambridge, the Choir will “provide a comprehensive musical education, with two rehearsals every week and a service of Choral Evensong. The Choir will focus on musical excellence, performing at a professional level on a weekly basis,” as well as opportunities to sing Evensong and give concerts at Pembroke. The first rehearsal is tonight, the 12th September, so it was especially important to make the vestry a welcoming, homely space for the Girls’ and the Chapel Choirs.

Pembroke College Choir vestry

All-important pencils, a reminder of Choir-tours past, and photos of the Choir in Pembroke and around the world


The Chapel Choir’s surplices hang neatly next to reminders of past music events


The Choir’s logo was designed by one of the Choristers, Lily, for their most recent tour to Rome


The newly organised vestry, liberally decorated with photos of the Choir giving concerts, on tour, and socialising together.

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