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Long Serving Staff Recognised

Kilby Award - Close Up Liz White was this year’s recipient of the Kilby Staff Prize which is presented each year to a member of staff in recognition of their long service to the college.

At a gathering at Master’s Lodge on Tuesday, Liz who joined the college in 1992 was presented with a token to say thank you for her “incredibly loyal and dedicated service to Pembroke”. The Master spoke of how she is “loved and admired by all” while Caroline Adams, the head of housekeeping, said that the speed with which she zips around puts everyone to shame.

After 23 years of service, Liz spoke to Kit about the strangest things she has encountered while at Pembroke:

“I used to have one student who would sleep on the floor while I made his bed, when we used to make their beds, and then get back in while I hoovered the floor.

The biggest change is that the students used to leave cards or presents. I got one gift, a wine cooler that they had had engraved to say ‘Thank you Liz, without you we would stink’ and another group of lads once bought me a case of wine.”Kilby Award

The Kilby Staff Prize was followed up by the Long Service Awards for staff members who have worked at the college for over ten years. There are now forty members of staff who are eligible to receive this award and the Master spoke to them about the family at Pembroke and said that while Masters come and go they “really make the difference”.

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