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Around the World in 365 Days, or: A Tale of Twelve Cities

Heather Lane (1998) has just returned to the UK from Bolivia, the final stop in a twelve month remote working adventure. World travel is usually something one might think of as a holiday, disrupting the flow of work rather than enhancing it.  Digital nomads, remote working, communal work spaces; these concepts one might associate with gap year students, or people whose work requires only a computer. Heather thought so, until…

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International Women’s Day: Blog round-up

Today is International Women’s Day, this year with the theme #BeBoldForChange; a call for inclusiveness and gender equality. If you’re looking for some interesting reading material, look no further! Below…

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Prize-winning Pembroke Poetry: From 1750 to 2017

The Seatonian prize is an annual poetry competition that was once won by Christopher Smart.  This year’s winner, writing on a suitably Valencian theme, was Mr Colin Wilcockson, who is an Emeritus Fellow, and researcher in Medieval and Renaissance English Literature. This year’s theme was Jubilate Agno, which as any well-read Valencian will know is the title of Christopher Smart’s famous poem, written during his stay in a mental hospital.  It seemed, therefore, an auspicious year for a Pembroke entry.  The prize was won in the early 1750s by Christopher Smart himself, and he went on to win it twice more.  This year’s winner, Mr Colin Wilcockson, has a similarly excellent…

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Arrival of the Lampedusa Cross

On Ash Wednesday, 1 March 2017, we received in Chapel a cross which is simultaneously a work of art, and a poignant reminder of the human cost of the Refugee…

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Student Volunteering Week Part 5: CDI

The Cambridge Development Initiative (CDI) is a Cambridge society that aims to provide students with the opportunity to undertake high impact, sustainable volunteering work. They take a collaborative approach to…

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