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Pembroke Iftar

On Saturday 2nd June a group of people from Pembroke and the University gathered for an Iftar feast. The Pembroke Iftar was hosted by Harum Mukhayer (2016), PhD candidate and Gates Scholar. Harum spent eight years working with the UN in Sudan, South Sudan and Somalia prior to coming to Pembroke. She advises governments on the design and implementation of natural resources laws and policies, and is currently researching the…

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Life at Pembroke House: Mark

'I will week' is also about social action. Where better to be talking about than Pembroke House? Pembroke House is a multi-use community space in Walworth, south east London. It was set up by Pembroke undergraduates in 1885 and still maintains its original vision of a settlement where living as part of the community is just as important as volunteering in it. Several volunteers, including some Pembroke graduates, are residents at Pembroke House and volunteer in the office or running/helping with some of the many projects run or hosted by Pembroke House.  Mark is a resident at Pembroke House, and we're kickstarting our I will week celebrations with an interview about…

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17-11-24 I will week

I will week 2017 – Pembroke House

I will week is about celebrating and promoting social action, so we’ve been sharing testimonies about how Pembroke House does just that. Pembroke House is the College’s social action centre in…

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