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Parmee Flyer 2018

The Person Behind the Prize: An Interview with Richard Parmee

The Parmee Prize competition is an annual event that offers students a chance to win £2000 to kickstart their business. Richard Parmee (1970) is the driving force behind the prize. He began at Pembroke in the Natural Sciences Tripos, but after two years had migrated to Electrical Sciences in Engineering. This, it transpired, was a good decision, as he did well enough there to begin research in what is now signal…

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19th May

This day in history: 19th May

Pembroke, since its founding in 1347, has experienced a good deal of the ups, downs, and unexpected twists of history.   Here’s some of what happened on this day in history.…

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Cycle for Jo: The 2017 Oxford-Cambridge Charity Bike Ride

Jan Brighting, College Nurse, usually accompanies the Oxford-Cambridge charity cycle ride as a support driver.  This year, despite a recent bout of pneumonia, she borrowed a racing bike and cycled 80 miles alongside students in aid of the Jo Cox studentship.  Here’s how it went. At the Dean’s suggestion I decided to ride in the Oxford-Cambridge ride for the first time this year.  The cause this year is particularly inspiring and a wonderful way to honour everything that Jo Cox stood for. I was kindly lent a man’s racing bike by Andrew Rogers; the bike has an excellent pedigree as Andrew rode it across America so that was encouraging and…

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