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The Twelfth Annual William Pitt Seminar

This year's William Pitt Seminar brought macro-economics and mindfulness together to ask ‘Are we too busy to get anything done?’ Why, in a world with unprecedented technological advances, countless digital tools for boosting productivity, and numerous apps, courses and books to help individuals improve the way they work, are we so worried that we aren’t fulfilling our potential? The twelfth William Pitt Seminar – ‘The Productivity Paradox: Are we too busy…

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Student Volunteering Week Part 5: CDI

The Cambridge Development Initiative (CDI) is a Cambridge society that aims to provide students with the opportunity to undertake high impact, sustainable volunteering work. They take a collaborative approach to…

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Student Volunteering Week Part 2: African Science Academy

Part 2 of our volunteering week series features African Science Academy, a girls’ school focused on science, maths and technology for gifted girls, based in Accra, Ghana. ASA was set up by Pembroke alumna Helen Denyer (2012) on behalf of the charity African Gifted Foundation Ghana, whose Founder’s daughter, Rhianna Ilube (2012) attended Pembroke with Helen and was also involved in the creation of the school. Rhianna still supports ASA with student recruitment, media and partnerships, based in the UK.  Keep reading for volunteering opportunities if you’d like to get involved! Both women have a history of volunteering in Ghana and working…

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Student Volunteering Week Part 4: Nightline

Part 4 of our student volunteering week series is about Nightline, a confidential night-time support service that students can access through an online chat, phone, or email. What is Nightline…

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Student Volunteer Week Part 3: Schools Plus

Part 3 of our student volunteering week series is on Schools Plus, a Cambridge Hub scheme that places Cambridge students as tutors in local schools. Pembroke students Charlotte Pearson and…

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Volunteering Week Part 1: Lyn’s House

This week is student volunteering week, so we’re showcasing student volunteers and giving current students examples of ways they can give their time.  Part 1 is by Katharine Griffiths (2012),…

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