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Matthew Wren’s Benefactors Book

As of last week, the Matthew Wren Benefactors' Book has been added to the Cambridge Digital Library. As many people will know, the library is so much more than a reading room. Among other things, it also contains many of the College Treasures.  One of these treasures is the Matthew Wren Benefactors’ Book. Kit Smart spoke to Jonathan Nathan, who has been working to transcribe, translate and understand the book.  It…

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Painting the Town Green: Responsible Investment

Ethical investments is a complicated field but one that is very much worth taking the time to understand, and build policies around.     To this end, Andrew Cates, Pembroke’s Bursar, spent Thursday morning at a Responsible Investment Forum hosted by Positive Investment Cambridge.  Bursars from 16 different colleges came together with fund managers and representatives from Environment Social and Governance groups to discuss possibilities from solar panels to investment policies.  The meeting ranged from responsible investment, through the complexities of the investment market and the limitations of the older College buildings. Thank you to the Bursar for his account of the morning. Yesterday I spent the morning at a…

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