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History Beneath Another Sky

Professor Norman Davies is currently a visiting scholar at Pembroke. His latest book, Beneath Another Sky, will be launched on November 2nd. Professor Davies is a historian noted for his many texts on the history of Europe, with a particular focus on Poland. After many years of writing, with published works including Europe: A History and God’s Playground: A History of Poland, he decided to explore beyond the bounds of…

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Charlotte Westdijk (2016-17)

Goodbye Graduate Librarian

Charlotte Westdijk has been with us a year, working as Graduate Trainee in the library. In that time she’s become a part of Pembroke, and we’ll be sad to see her…

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Visiting Pembroke House: Lunch Clubs and Well-being

It is impossible to overstate the number of activities that taken place in Pembroke House, the social action centre in Walworth, South London. Started in 1885 with the vision of creating a ‘settlement’, where living locally, learning, and receiving are all as important as giving and serving, Pembroke House is now a hive of activity with connections to numerous other community organisations providing services from music-making to mental health support. Tatum Street, where Pembroke House is based, is quiet in the middle of a work day.  One might be quite surprised, therefore, to enter the building and discover a bustling office and a community centre where an energetic ‘dancercise’ class…

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A Year of Pembroke: 2016-17

A lot happens in Pembroke over the course of a year.  In this video our College Recorder looks back at a year in the life of Pembroke. This short video…

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Exploring Wilkie Collins’ Writing Desk

Wilkie Collins’ writing desk was kindly gifted to Pembroke by Rosemary Watt on 9th May 2017.  Graduate student Joseph Ashmore (2009) explored its story with the guidance of Librarian Patricia…

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