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Around the World in 365 Days, or: A Tale of Twelve Cities

Heather Lane (1998) has just returned to the UK from Bolivia, the final stop in a twelve month remote working adventure. World travel is usually something one might think of as a holiday, disrupting the flow of work rather than enhancing it.  Digital nomads, remote working, communal work spaces; these concepts one might associate with gap year students, or people whose work requires only a computer. Heather thought so, until…

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Three Men in a Boat? Nine Women Actually!

The boat race is a six month journey culminating in the short burst of intense effort that we see on the Thames in March every year.  Here’s a bit of history about the women’s race. The boat race this Sunday between Oxford and Cambridge is the major event for CUBC and OUBC, who have been racing every year since 1829 (with the exception of the first and second world wars).  The boats are known as ‘Blue Boats’ – a reference to the light blue of Cambridge and dark blue…

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This day in history: 19th May

Pembroke, since its founding in 1347, has experienced a good deal of the ups, downs, and unexpected twists of history.   Here’s some of what happened on this day in history.…

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