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Another Gaze

Frankie Enticknap is an Art History student at Glasgow. She’s been working at the Pembroke Library on and off since 2014. One of her last tasks at Pembroke this summer was to create a display in College using Library material. The display is titled “Another Gaze: the Gender-politics of seeing in twentieth century photography’, and features three female photographers who were working around the same time that women were first…

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Public Health, Policy, and Philosophy with Dr Stephen John

Science and Philosophy, to a casual eye, might seem to belong in firmly different parts of the academic spectrum.  The importance of well-informed public health policy and the value of philosophical questions about consent and harm for example, are obvious but probably, one might think, disconnected. Dr Stephen John works in the area where the two intersect, and he explained just how closely connected they are. The question ‘should we detect cancer as early as science allows?’ seems to invite only one answer; an emphatic yes.  Reality is rarely so simple, and through philosophy Dr John explores and makes sense of the complexities behind the question. Testing for earlier and…

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Globular Cluster Star Clusters Star Formation Star

Cosmic Poetry: 2017 Seatonian Prize

Winning the Divinity School Seatonian Prize is becoming something of a Pembroke habit. Christopher Smart won it three times. Colin Wilcockson has won it three times, most recently in 2016…

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Promotion of Pembroke Fellows

Four Pembroke Fellows have been promoted this year: Silvana Cardoso Promoted to Professor Research interests: Industrial and environmental fluid mechanics, two-phase flow, mixing and mathematics. This year Dr Cardoso was…

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