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Another Gaze

Frankie Enticknap is an Art History student at Glasgow. She’s been working at the Pembroke Library on and off since 2014. One of her last tasks at Pembroke this summer was to create a display in College using Library material. The display is titled “Another Gaze: the Gender-politics of seeing in twentieth century photography’, and features three female photographers who were working around the same time that women were first…

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Mind the Nano-Gap at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition

The University of Cambridge NanoDTC is taking part in the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition this year. The NanoDTC display, ‘Mind the Nano Gap’, demonstrates a range of ways in which nanotechnology can be applied for sensing and detection purposes. Two Pembroke graduate students, Shruti Sharma (2015), NanoDTC student, and Anna Gunnarsdottir (2016), a NanoDTC associate, are part of the exhibition team and explained what was on show. What is the exhibition about? The exhibition centers around nanotechnology, which allows us to concentrate on the nanoscale or the atomic level. The exhibition demonstrates how we can use different gaps in nano-materials as sensors, with applications in a number of fields,…

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PKP Week 1

The first week of the Pembroke-King’s Summer Programme has ended, and student Angie, of Illinois Wesleyan University, tells us about her experiences so far. Every time I enter the historic gates…

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Nightfall at Pembroke

As exams came to a close a corner of Pembroke suddenly became a hive of activity as a team of students prepared for the June Event. If you’d had any…

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