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Solar-powered Engineering: The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

Driving a solar car across Australia sounds like something in a science fiction film, but every two years it becomes a reality at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Cambridge University Eco Racing (CUER) is a student society of around 60 people, founded in 2007. They design, build, and race solar powered vehicles, with a mission to inspire and innovate. Siddharth Gupta (2014) is an undergraduate at Pembroke studying Engineering, and…

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Remembrance at Pembroke

Once more we find ourselves talking about memory. Remembrance is part of the rhythm of the year now; the poppy a symbol widely recognised and understood. Why is remembrance so important? At a recent talk by an alumnus with military experience in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Bosnia, and Libya over thirty-five years of service, remembrance we a key theme. On armistice day we take a moment in silence to remember the deaths caused by the World Wars, but for many people there is a more immediate grief.  Wars did not stop in 1945.  War happens to people, and by connecting our collective experience of remembrance with individuals' stories we give that…

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Poetry and Place in Pembroke and Beyond

For the last few years poetry tours, led by Cambridge poet Michael Brown, have been part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas. They reveal the strong connection between poetry and…

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