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Parmee Flyer 2018

The Person Behind the Prize: An Interview with Richard Parmee

The Parmee Prize competition is an annual event that offers students a chance to win £2000 to kickstart their business. Richard Parmee (1970) is the driving force behind the prize. He began at Pembroke in the Natural Sciences Tripos, but after two years had migrated to Electrical Sciences in Engineering. This, it transpired, was a good decision, as he did well enough there to begin research in what is now signal…

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Globular Cluster Star Clusters Star Formation Star

Cosmic Poetry: 2017 Seatonian Prize

Winning the Divinity School Seatonian Prize is becoming something of a Pembroke habit. Christopher Smart won it three times. Colin Wilcockson has won it three times, most recently in 2016…

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Cabbages and Communism: Professor Norman Davies unpacks his Secret Police files

Norman Davies is a distinguished historian of Poland and Europe.  In a talk he gave on the 15th November the history he was discussing a very personal one, told through the files kept on him by the Stasi. The Institute of National Memory in Poland holds files collection by the network of “surveillance and invigilation” that existed in all Soviet states.  Under Stalin this network of agencies was an instrument of mass terror and murder, but was apparently “less murderous than it had been” when Prof Davies arrived in the 1960s. The secret police were not in fact very secret.  The KGB had a recognisable uniform, but operated extra-legally and…

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