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Another Gaze

Frankie Enticknap is an Art History student at Glasgow. She’s been working at the Pembroke Library on and off since 2014. One of her last tasks at Pembroke this summer was to create a display in College using Library material. The display is titled “Another Gaze: the Gender-politics of seeing in twentieth century photography’, and features three female photographers who were working around the same time that women were first…

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Reflections of a Japanese Programmes PA.

In today’s blog PA Chris writes about the Japanese Programmes, part of the summer programmes run by our International Programmes department. Hi! My name is Chris and I recently graduated from…

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Art and the Senses

Art, we are increasingly aware, is not something that engages only the sense of sight. It is tactile, evoking our senses of touch, smell, even taste. The National Gallery has held sensory exhibitions exploring the multi-sensory experience of art, such as ‘Soundscapes’, in which musicians and sound artists created music in response to art from the collection. In ‘Monochrome’ they explored the deprivation of the sense of sight through colour. Art can be visceral, evocative, and multi-dimensional. To Lizzie Marx (2016) and Lorraine de la Verpillière (2014), this is an idea worthy of significant further study. The Art and the Senses seminar…

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Meet the Students: GP President

There are around 350 members of the Graduate Parlour (GP), working towards MPhils, PhDs, fourth year qualifications, and so on. Elected by the students to represent them, hear their concerns,…

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Kayla (1)

PKP: Halfway Point Reflections

We’re already halfway through PKP, and module one is over. Kayla Koerting writes about academic study on PKP, and what makes it so special. I always like to say that…

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Meet the PKP PAs

Programme Assistants on the Pembroke-King’s Summer Programme are a multi-talented bunch. Our PAs are essential to the smooth running of the programme and without them PKP just wouldn’t be the…

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