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Reflections of a Japanese Programmes PA.

In today's blog PA Chris writes about the Japanese Programmes, part of the summer programmes run by our International Programmes department. Hi! My name is Chris and I recently graduated from my degree in MML at Christ’s College. Pembroke, however, feels very much like home as I have spent the last two summers here working as a Programme Assistant (PA) on international programmes for high school, undergraduate and postgraduate students. Despite…

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Fake News, Medieval Style: The Truth about the Templars

Last week the blog was all about the theory and practice of communism.  This week we’re back on the topic of history, going Medieval with the Templars. Dan Jones (1999) read history at Pembroke, and has gone on to write prolifically on medieval history, as well as co-writing and presenting documentaries and TV shows like Elizabeth 1 and Secrets of Great British Castles. His latest book, The Templars, The Rise and the Spectacular Fall of God's Holy Warriors, has revealed just how much impact Templar history has on contemporary politics. The Templar Knights are associated in popular culture with the Holy Grail, and with quests and mystery.  It’s not a…

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Remembrance at Pembroke

Once more we find ourselves talking about memory. Remembrance is part of the rhythm of the year now; the poppy a symbol widely recognised and understood. Why is remembrance so…

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17-11-07 Poetry and Place

Poetry and Place in Pembroke and Beyond

For the last few years poetry tours, led by Cambridge poet Michael Brown, have been part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas. They reveal the strong connection between poetry and…

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