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Another Gaze

Frankie Enticknap is an Art History student at Glasgow. She’s been working at the Pembroke Library on and off since 2014. One of her last tasks at Pembroke this summer was to create a display in College using Library material. The display is titled “Another Gaze: the Gender-politics of seeing in twentieth century photography’, and features three female photographers who were working around the same time that women were first…

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A Valencian to-do list

Alexa Segal has written a handy to-do list for new grads in Pembroke Take advantage of the amazingness that is the GP: The GP is a magical place: tea, coffee, friends, warmth, biscuits; you can have it all! However, I have made an executive decision that the wrapper of all biscuit packages, specifically chocolate digestives, need to be relabelled; “Proceed with caution.” Why, one may ask? One is never enough. I have learned a very important lesson, and while I don’t follow it, I need to remember that biscuits are abundant-in the GP, the supermarket, and England! Essay #1 has been submitted: In American universities, it is common to be…

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Women and Girls in Science: PhD

Undergraduate: Holly Chetwood is a third year Chemistry student Holly is part of the Natural Science Tripos, and has specialised into Chemistry now she’s reached her third year of study.…

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LGBT+ History Month

If you’ve seen the many rainbow flags flying from Cambridge colleges, you’ll know it’s LGBT+ history month What you might not know is how many great events our Graduates have…

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