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Around the World in 365 Days, or: A Tale of Twelve Cities

Heather Lane (1998) has just returned to the UK from Bolivia, the final stop in a twelve month remote working adventure. World travel is usually something one might think of as a holiday, disrupting the flow of work rather than enhancing it.  Digital nomads, remote working, communal work spaces; these concepts one might associate with gap year students, or people whose work requires only a computer. Heather thought so, until…

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Families, Education and Well-being from the UN to Pembroke

Monday 15th May was the UN’s International Day of Families.  This year’s theme is ‘Families, education and well-being’, which, in exam term, are three things it’s important to think about. The final, Easter term of the academic year is one of extremes.  Many students go from intense revision to suddenly having nothing to do the day their exams finish, and – in the case of final years – finding themselves abruptly faced with the end of their time at Pembroke. Education may be the focus of Easter term, but it’s important to ensure the well-being of the entire Pembroke family too. Every time a student writes a blog with self-care…

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Bradford John (c 1510-1555)

Pembroke and the Reformation

Guest blog by Jonathan Reimer Nearly five hundred years ago, in October 1517, a professor at the little-known University of Wittenberg sparked an explosive debate about the nature and meaning…

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