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Around the World in 365 Days, or: A Tale of Twelve Cities

Heather Lane (1998) has just returned to the UK from Bolivia, the final stop in a twelve month remote working adventure. World travel is usually something one might think of as a holiday, disrupting the flow of work rather than enhancing it.  Digital nomads, remote working, communal work spaces; these concepts one might associate with gap year students, or people whose work requires only a computer. Heather thought so, until…

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Graduate Parlour Comments Book

On a shelf above the comfortable chairs and board game collection of the Graduate Parlour (GP) are several large leather-bound books. These books are the comment books, used over the…

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Meet the Team: Anna Lapwood, Director of Music

Anna Lapwood joined Pembroke as Director of Music last year. She talks here about what it's like to be Director of Music, and some of the projects she's worked on this year. What is it like to be Director of Music? It’s amazing! The good thing about Pembroke is that you have a lot of freedom; they are very responsive to whacky ideas as long as I am happy to put the energy into making it work. So we are going to Zambia in September which wouldn't have happened without the College’s support, we’re setting up a girls’ choir, things like that,…

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Goodbye Graduate Librarian

Charlotte Westdijk has been with us a year, working as Graduate Trainee in the library. In that time she’s become a part of Pembroke, and we’ll be sad to see her…

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A Year of Pembroke: 2016-17

A lot happens in Pembroke over the course of a year.  In this video our College Recorder looks back at a year in the life of Pembroke. This short video…

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