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Laugh 4 Change

Laugh 4 Change Raising funds to support refugees, tackling mental health at home and abroad, and having fun while doing it. That may seem like a big ask but Cansu Karabiyik (2016), a second year PhD candidate in medical science, seems to have managed it. Cansu spent time volunteering on Chios Island, Greece, witnessing the refugee crisis for herself. On her return she founded Laugh 4 Change, a comedy fundraising initiative…

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17-10-31 SolidariTee

Advocacy and Accessories: SolidariTee

More than ‘slacktivism’: the student charity using t-shirts to provide legal aid for refugees and asylum-seekers in Greece. Legal representation is a humanitarian need.  For refugees and asylum seekers, entering…

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Visiting Pembroke House: Lunch Clubs and Well-being

It is impossible to overstate the number of activities that taken place in Pembroke House, the social action centre in Walworth, South London. Started in 1885 with the vision of creating a ‘settlement’, where living locally, learning, and receiving are all as important as giving and serving, Pembroke House is now a hive of activity with connections to numerous other community organisations providing services from music-making to mental health support. Tatum Street, where Pembroke House is based, is quiet in the middle of a work day.  One might be quite surprised, therefore, to enter the building and discover a bustling office and a community centre where an energetic ‘dancercise’ class…

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Communism: Theory vs. Practice

Visiting scholar Professor Norman Davies is giving a series of talks this term.  The first was an account of the theory vs practice of communism in the Soviet Union. In…

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Banned Books Week: Why have it?

This week is Banned Books Week. The theme is ‘freedom to read’; the theme explores the complexities of access to read, not just whether or not the books can be…

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