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Interview with a Fellow: Epigenetics from Pea Aphids to People

Dr Nick Burton is a Research Fellow at Pembroke College working in the field of Genetics/Molecular Biology. Dr Burton researches the impact of a mother's environment on the development of her offspring. In pea aphids for example, environmental stresses can cause the mother to 'program' her offspring to have wings, or not have wings. He refers to this as 'maternal bet-hedging', because the idea is that the developmental changes make the…

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Puppies at Pembroke

In an effort to help reduce the stress caused by exams, the JP invited three puppies to the college for students to play with. Members of the JP and GP…

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Bikes & Bruises: The GP’s Ride to Success

24 cyclists, 85 miles, 2 churches, 1 charitable goal. On Saturday 30th April, 24 Pembroke students set off into the almost unknown, armed with only an information pack attached to their handlebars and Head Porter John and Jan the Nurse in college vans for assistance, they sought to make their way home to Cambridge from Oxford. They left Oxford from St Martin's Church, Carfax in shifts, those who expected to be slowest left first, followed by the intermediates, and the speedsters bringing up the rear in the hopes that everyone would catch up around lunch time. The first challenge came in the form of hills not long after they had…

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Celebrating May 3rd

The Graduate Parlour held a BA dinner followed by a display of Polish folk-dancing to honour the Polish-Lithuanian National Holiday. So far this year, the Graduate Parlour has hosted events…

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The Pemgibeers: Starting Strokes

May Bumps are on the horizon and the tension is mounting as boat clubs from all colleges can be found on the Cam, working hard to ensure that they bring…

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In Bed With The Gardeners

Nick Firman, Pembroke’s Head Gardner has worked at the College for 51 years. In that time, he has had a hand in shaping the beautiful grounds that we now enjoy.…

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