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Meet the Athletes: Varsity Women’s Rugby

Fiona Shuttleworth (2015) is a third year vet student and Rugby player. She was named CURUFC women’s forward of the year following the women’s squad’s win against Oxford in December.  Fiona took up rugby in her second year, and has played in two Varsity games. What made you start playing rugby? I’ve always been sporty.  In my second year I wanted to pick up a sport, and it was between…

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For a Winter Afternoon

There’s only five days until Christmas; the perfect time for some wintry poetry from President of the Pembroke Poetry Society, Michael Brown For a Winter afternoon Dedicated to Helena Thurm…

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Artur Harris, Brian Riley Declamation Prize: “Looking West”

  Artur Harris (2016) is the winner of the 2017 Brian Riley Declamation Prize, which you can read about it more detail here.  Below is the full transcript of his speech: “Poland is a country to the east of the West and to the west of the East”. These words of Sławomir Mrożek accurately describe the reluctance of Poles to identify with either category. Part of the reason for this is that the categories themselves have for much of history had little bearing on reality, as inventions of French enlightenment intellectuals who never ventured too far East. As Norman Davies rightly says, the economic misery of nineteenth century Austria-Hungary and…

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