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Matthew Wren’s Benefactors Book

As of last week, the Matthew Wren Benefactors' Book has been added to the Cambridge Digital Library. As many people will know, the library is so much more than a reading room. Among other things, it also contains many of the College Treasures.  One of these treasures is the Matthew Wren Benefactors’ Book. Kit Smart spoke to Jonathan Nathan, who has been working to transcribe, translate and understand the book.  It…

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Cyber-security futures: A tale of Iron Men and Avocados

This year the BT-Pembroke lecture was given by Professor Ben Azvine. Professor Ben Azvine is Global Head of Security Research and Innovation at BT. On the 20th November he gave a talk that was, as he put it, “stimulating, frightening, encouraging and hopeful”. Cyber-security is one of the greatest man-made challenges of our time, and it affects everyone.  Huge technological advances are making life easier for us, but also for anyone who wants to set up a cyber-attack. Companies like BT are heavily investing in building defences, but the threat environment is constantly evolving and cyber-defence is still in the early stages. Cyber-security is an arms race, with the ‘bad…

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I will week 2017 – Pembroke House

I will week is about celebrating and promoting social action, so we’ve been sharing testimonies about how Pembroke House does just that. Pembroke House is the College’s social action centre in…

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