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Reflections of a Japanese Programmes PA.

In today's blog PA Chris writes about the Japanese Programmes, part of the summer programmes run by our International Programmes department. Hi! My name is Chris and I recently graduated from my degree in MML at Christ’s College. Pembroke, however, feels very much like home as I have spent the last two summers here working as a Programme Assistant (PA) on international programmes for high school, undergraduate and postgraduate students. Despite…

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Petrarch and Portraiture Symposuium Poster

Symposium: Petrarch and Portraiture

Ilaria Bernocchi (2015) and Nicolò Morelli (2014) are co-convening an interdisciplinary conference exploring the relationship between Petrarch and portraiture later this month. The symposium draws together Petrarch – one of…

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A Piece of History

The College Treasures are, in many cases, a tangible link connecting us with almost 700 years of history. In the 2018 annual Display of Treasures members of the College were able to connect with this history, starting with the College statutes from the time of our Foundress. That the material objects have survived intact is sufficiently impressive, and it is even more so when one considers the wealth of history they, and Pembroke, have seen. Take, for example, the foundation of our College. As the College was being constructed in 1347, the Black Death was sweeping across…

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