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Cosmic Poetry: 2017 Seatonian Prize

Winning the Divinity School Seatonian Prize is becoming something of a Pembroke habit. Christopher Smart won it three times. Colin Wilcockson has won it three times, most recently in 2016 with his villanelles inspired by Smart’s Jubilate Agno. And now Professor Randall Johnson has won it for the second time with his cosmic take on the theme ‘O God, enfold me in the sun’. Johnson’s poem is an intriguingly scientific…

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Welcome from the Graduate Parlour President

As well as first year undergraduates, we are welcoming a new cohort of graduates this week.  GP President Sofia wrote this guest blog to welcome our new graduates to the College. Dear new members, welcome to Cambridge, Pembroke and the GP! The GP is the body of graduate students at Pembroke, but it’s also the name we give our common room: the GP is comprised of MBAs, MPhils, PhDs, 4th year undergraduates and Associate Members; the GP rooms are on the ground floor of M staircase in Ivy Court. We hold lots of social events there, but it’s a wonderful space to relax as well as work. The GP is…

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19-10-10 Freshers week

Freshers’ Week in Pictures

The first week of term is almost behind us, and hopefully our new students are settled in and getting used to Pembroke life. Freshers’ week, the annual tradition of welcoming…

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Fresher’s Week: Preparing for day 1

Fresher’s week will soon be here, and students will be returning to Pembroke, including first years moving in for the first time. If that’s you, read on for some tips…

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