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Art and the Self: “I am my own Muse”

We’ve talked about women in Science, but what about women in Art? PhD student Nicole Maniero (2017) curated a mini exhibition of artists’ self-portraits for International Women’s Day. “I am my own Muse”. Frida Kahlo’s famous quote inspired Nicole to explore the complex relationship between artists and their identities and bodies, and the ways we as viewers engage with self-portraits.  A literature student researching representation of objects in Italian stories,…

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Ruined home in the rural Sindhupalchowk district, about 50 miles from Kathmandu. Photo credit: Russell Watkins/DFID

Pembroke and Nepal III

Deepa Solanki (2009) graduated from Pembroke in 2012 and is now a Manager in the South Asia practice of Adam Smith International, a leading international advisory firm. For the past year and a half…

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A day in the life: Maintenance Department

How many members of the maintenance team does it take to change a light bulb? Thankfully at Pembroke it’s just one – and if you’re lucky they’ll tell you a joke while they’re doing it. Pembroke’s maintenance team are known for their good humour and their willingness to have a go at fixing just about anything. Since the arrival of a new Clerk of Works, Robert Griggs, in the summer of 2014, even more of the College’s repairs and maintenance work is being dealt with ‘in house’. Our College Recorder went down into the basement of Q staircase to find out what the maintenance team really do each day. For…

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Pembroke and Nepal II

Dr Hildegard Diemberger, Fellow in Social Anthropology, works extensively in Nepal. Hildegard regularly visits the region and conducts much of her core research in the areas affected by the recent earthquake. As…

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HELP photo 2 by Kathleen Gordon

Pembroke and Nepal I

Following the devastating earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday 25th April, this week’s blog posts explore Pembroke’s connection to ‘the roof of the world’. Sarah Howden (2013) & Ciara Rowland-Simms (2013) write:…

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Being a hostel keeper

Colin and May Williams spent around 25 years living in the hostel at 40 Panton Street with eight students. Here they speak about the highs, the lows and the laughs.…

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