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The Twelfth Annual William Pitt Seminar

This year's William Pitt Seminar brought macro-economics and mindfulness together to ask ‘Are we too busy to get anything done?’ Why, in a world with unprecedented technological advances, countless digital tools for boosting productivity, and numerous apps, courses and books to help individuals improve the way they work, are we so worried that we aren’t fulfilling our potential? The twelfth William Pitt Seminar – ‘The Productivity Paradox: Are we too busy…

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promoted Fellows

Promotion of Pembroke Fellows

Four Pembroke Fellows have been promoted this year: Silvana Cardoso Promoted to Professor Research interests: Industrial and environmental fluid mechanics, two-phase flow, mixing and mathematics. This year Dr Cardoso was…

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A Packed Programme of Pembroke Papers

Every Thursday evening during term, a small part of the Pembroke graduate cohort can be found in the Nihon Room listening to a talk on any one of a fantastically varied selection of topics. The Pembroke Papers series is a forum for graduates to showcase their research in a 20-minute talk.  This term, talks have covered synthetic biology, artificial sweeteners, DNA repair and cancer, female poets, the geology of Tibet, Viking women, and what vets do when they’re not fixing people’s pets. A person attending one of these talks might find themselves leaving with a surprisingly detailed knowledge of how British dialects vary through space and time, or how homohysteria is…

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A Short History of Bumps, Part 2

In this two-part series we’re looking at the history of the Bumps races to try and understand where they come from and why they happen.  Today is all about Bumps…

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A Short History of Bumps, Part 1

Bumps, to the uninitiated, and probably most of the initiated as well, is a strange practice that happens twice a year for a reason no one really remembers.  Here we…

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Mindfulness in Chapel

If you’ve visited the Chapel lately, you may have noticed that it is home to an eclectic collection of items.  Here is why. Immediately upon entering the Chapel one is…

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