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Parmee Flyer 2018

The Person Behind the Prize: An Interview with Richard Parmee

The Parmee Prize competition is an annual event that offers students a chance to win £2000 to kickstart their business. Richard Parmee (1970) is the driving force behind the prize. He began at Pembroke in the Natural Sciences Tripos, but after two years had migrated to Electrical Sciences in Engineering. This, it transpired, was a good decision, as he did well enough there to begin research in what is now signal…

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19-10-20 Pitt Seminar

The Twelfth Annual William Pitt Seminar

This year’s William Pitt Seminar brought macro-economics and mindfulness together to ask ‘Are we too busy to get anything done?’ Why, in a world with unprecedented technological advances, countless digital tools…

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Freshers’ Week in Pictures

The first week of term is almost behind us, and hopefully our new students are settled in and getting used to Pembroke life. Freshers' week, the annual tradition of welcoming new students with a series of enjoyable events from bops to society squashes, is over.  As usual both the Junior and Graduate Parlours put on a week of events to welcome new students and introduce them to College life and each other.  Starting, of course, with brunch on arrival weekend, and ending in true GP style with back-to-back cake, pizza, and games night, it's a busy week for new and returning students alike. Here's a look at some of what's…

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