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The Twelfth Annual William Pitt Seminar

This year's William Pitt Seminar brought macro-economics and mindfulness together to ask ‘Are we too busy to get anything done?’ Why, in a world with unprecedented technological advances, countless digital tools for boosting productivity, and numerous apps, courses and books to help individuals improve the way they work, are we so worried that we aren’t fulfilling our potential? The twelfth William Pitt Seminar – ‘The Productivity Paradox: Are we too busy…

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Sing a song of science

As you may have seen from our news pages, today Pembroke fellow Professor Tim Bussey has released a music video. She Blinded Me With Science is the title song of…

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The (r)evolution of Tibetan printing

Not all books are made to be read. Some are made to look beautiful. Some are made to be touched. Some are made to be carried into the fields to ensure a plentiful harvest. These books are sacred objects and they are the focus of the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology’s current exhibition, Buddha’s Words: The Life of Books in Tibet and Beyond. For the first time, the museum’s incredible collection of Buddhist artefacts are on display alongside treasures from a range of other University departments. The exhibition, which runs until January 2015, is co-curated by Pembroke Fellow Dr Hildegard Diemberger. We meet at the front of the exhibition directly…

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Caution: deep water

Recently the news has been full of images of Bárðarbunga, the volcano in Iceland that has wowed the world with spectacular eruptions accompanied by thousands of earthquakes. A team of…

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The joy of flies

What makes you decide to dedicate your life to fruit flies? ‘Good question,’ replies Dr Tim Weil. He thinks for a second before answering: ‘It wasn’t really deliberate. I met…

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Chemistry, computers and commerce

‘I vowed three things in my life’ says Professor Mike Payne. ‘I said I’d never become an academic, I’d never work with computers and I’d never do physics.’ Today, he…

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