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Cosmic Poetry: 2017 Seatonian Prize

Winning the Divinity School Seatonian Prize is becoming something of a Pembroke habit. Christopher Smart won it three times. Colin Wilcockson has won it three times, most recently in 2016 with his villanelles inspired by Smart’s Jubilate Agno. And now Professor Randall Johnson has won it for the second time with his cosmic take on the theme ‘O God, enfold me in the sun’. Johnson’s poem is an intriguingly scientific…

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Pembroke and the Reformation

Guest blog by Jonathan Reimer Nearly five hundred years ago, in October 1517, a professor at the little-known University of Wittenberg sparked an explosive debate about the nature and meaning of Christianity.  His ideas reinterpreted many of the core questions of Christian belief: how did God save believers, how were they supposed to live together in charity, and upon what textual and traditional sources were they to base their religion?  The name of this German professor was Martin Luther, and the religious, social, and political upheaval that he caused across Europe is known as the Reformation. The Reformation spread outward from Germany, dividing Europe into two camps: Protestants, who followed…

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This day in history: 19th May

Pembroke, since its founding in 1347, has experienced a good deal of the ups, downs, and unexpected twists of history.   Here’s some of what happened on this day in history.…

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