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Around the World in 365 Days, or: A Tale of Twelve Cities

Heather Lane (1998) has just returned to the UK from Bolivia, the final stop in a twelve month remote working adventure. World travel is usually something one might think of as a holiday, disrupting the flow of work rather than enhancing it.  Digital nomads, remote working, communal work spaces; these concepts one might associate with gap year students, or people whose work requires only a computer. Heather thought so, until…

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International Women’s Day: Pembroke Edition

International Women’s Day, which fell on Wednesday the 8th March, is a day not just for celebrating women and their achievements, but for acknowledging what we still need to do and learn, and where we might go in the future. Pembroke graduate students marked the day with a series of events designed to bring attention to presence and experiences of women in the academic environment.  In 2014-15 Pembroke celebrated the 30th anniversary of the admission of women to the college, reminding us that women's full inclusion in university life is still quite a recent development, and an extremely important one. The dual challenge of academia is challenging any sexism you may come…

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Musical Mayhem to Organised Order

For the staff at Pembroke, there are many tasks behind the scenes that you might not notice. For Director of Music, Anna Lapwood, one of those tasks is the organisation…

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Trial of Queen Mary, Great Chamber, Fotheringhay Castle (The British Library)

Tudor Family Drama, Castles, and Pembroke

The Tudors aren’t what you might immediately think of when you think of Pembroke, but through Framlingham and Fotheringhay, the College is connected to some significant moments in what was…

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