• The College

    Excellence in Diversity

    Welcome to Pembroke –  a distinctive, successful and supportive academic community at the heart of one of the world’s great universities.  It’s a college of poets and scientists, thinkers and players, who want to make a difference to the world. People from every background flourish here: in its quietly beautiful environment individuals make significant discoveries about their subject and themselves. But individuals also benefit from intellectual and creative partnerships, within and across generations and disciplines, and between the academy and the wider world. This website expresses the essential elements of a place and a community its members love.  Let Pembroke make a difference to you.

  • Thinking of joining us?

    Why study at Pembroke?

    Students do really well at Pembroke: they are encouraged to excel in their subject, and have consistently achieved outstanding results across a range of disciplines, supported by world-class researchers and supervisors and a notably caring support system. We welcome applicants of exceptional talent regardless of their social, cultural or educational background, and plan to double the means-tested financial support we offer to students over the next three years. If you have a strong academic record and a passion to scale new heights, why not apply?

  • International Programmes

    Semester and summer study in Cambridge

    Pembroke has unparalleled experience among Cambridge colleges in the design and delivery of short-term programmes for international students. Through the Spring Semester Programme and the summer Pembroke-King’s Programme, the College has created opportunities for first rate students to come to Cambridge to experience life and learning in one of the world’s great universities.

  • Pembroke in the world

    Once a member always a member

    While your degree may only involve a few intense terms in Cambridge, membership of Pembroke is for life.  We encourage our Members to use their talents to make a difference in the world, inspired by their illustrious predecessors.  Many change lives through teaching, shaping public policy, or by the sheer reach of their ideas or the power of their performances.


  • Developing Pembroke

    Keeping Pembroke Strong

    Investing in the College’s future helps to create a great environment for the brightest of the next generation and beyond. In defiance of uncertain times, our Members and institutional and corporate partners help us to extend the opportunities and financial support we can offer our students, to fund research and teaching, and maintain and enhance our beautiful College site

  • Our Fellows and Staff

    Fellows and staff

    Pembroke has an unusually large and diverse Fellowship:  internationally renowned researchers, lecturers and Professors who serve the College as Directors of Studies, supervisors and Tutors, and share their ideas with the students they guide. All our Fellows and student representatives also serve on the College’s Governing Body, and help make Pembroke unusually flexible and dynamic in the initiatives we develop.   Pembroke’s friendly support staff play a key role in our academic successes: they help make sure all our members enjoy living in this beautiful place, and make a real contribution to Pembroke’s distinctive relaxed atmosphere.

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