What is PemWomen@30?

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In 1984 the first women students arrived at Pembroke. This decision was the culmination of several years of discussion and debate.

Over the course of the coming year, this section of the website will be updated with some of the history behind this momentous change in the life of the College.

Throughout the academic year 2014-15 we will be hosting talks, a symposium, events, displays, dinners and more. We also hope to gather members’ memories, both of the early years of co-residency and of the 2014-15 anniversary year itself.

The objectives of the programme of events, which we have called PemWomen@30, is not only to reflect on the issues and debates that led up to the decision to admit women, but also to examine what has happened in the past 30 years, as well as considering where Pembroke would like to be with regards to diversity in 2044.

This anniversary sees the admission of women as a starting point for reflection on Pembroke as a community. However, it wants to move beyond just looking at the position of women in the College: PemWomen@30 would aim to be diverse and inclusive. We want to bring the women and men of Pembroke together, to involve fellows, staff, current and past students, as well as the University and beyond.

PemWomen@30 is therefore about reflection, celebration and action. In marking this anniversary through a series of events and activities, our intention is to reach out to all members of our community, enabling them to join us and be involved in the ways that are most relevant to them.