’30 Years of Women at Pembroke’ Dinner

IMG_1185On Saturday 20th June, around 180 diners – including just two men – gathered in Pembroke’s Hall for a dinner in honour of PemWomen@30.

All of Pembroke’s female alumni were invited and the event became one of the fastest ‘sell outs’ in recent history.

Dr Lauren Kassell, speaking on behalf of Prof Loraine Gelsthorpe, said: ‘It is a delight to see so many people here this evening. When we conceived of the idea to hold a special dinner as part of our thirtieth anniversary celebrations regarding the admission of women as students in the College we had no idea that there would be such an enthusiastic response. I should also say that we have also received a number of celebratory messages from women and
men around the world, who are not able to join us this evening.’

The Master received an enthusiastic cheer when he added: ‘The admission of women has, of course, put the College on a path to aspire to levels of achievement, particularly academic achievement, not previously within its reach.’

Women from across the generations then mingled in the Old Library over drinks to reminisce about their time at Pembroke and to think about that the future might hold for the College.