I’m Every Woman Bop

The Lent Term Bop, in collaboration with Pemwomen@30, was themed around Chaka Khan’s song ‘I’m Every Woman’, encouraging attendees to dress up as strong, inspiring women who they admired, whether that be Beyoncé or their mum. The walls of the JP and Old Cellars were filled with photos of inspiring women, such as Chaka herself, Au San Suu Kyi and Emma Watson. Even the Boptails too had specific women-related names. Both men and women came dressed in a variety of weird and wacky costumes, some dressed as the women they admired or simply adorned themselves with items associated with those women. Drag was very popular among the male members of college, who took to tights, make-up and wigs like fish to water. The DJ kept a steady flow of feminist anthems playing throughout the evening, in true appreciation of the creativity and persistance of the women who have made it in a male-dominated music industry. Overall, the night was a true celebration of the world’s inspiring women and a reminder of the importance of gender equality, both within and outside of Pembroke college.

Lily Maxwell (MML, 2013)