May Ball Drinks Stand

The PemWomen@30 Project was delighted to sponsor a drinks stand at the Pembroke May Ball on Wednesday, 17 June 2015. Staffed entirely by PemWomen@30 Project committee members, the stand was the perfect close to a year of commemorating and celebrating Pembroke’s diversity, and discussing the ways in which the College will continue to grow in the future.

IMG_0810Generously supported by the 2015 Pembroke May Ball Committee, the stand was decorated with photographs from various PemWomen events over the year and served up two fantastic drinks, the alcoholic Long Island Iced Equali-Tea and the non-alcoholic Virgin-ia Woolf, which both proved immensely popular. The PemWomen committee and College volunteers erected a striking balloon arch behind the stand in reds and oranges to fit with the theme of the tent, located in the ‘Fire’ section of the Elemental May Ball.

The stand gave the PemWomen@30 project the perfect opportunity to close the year by speaking about events that had taken place with ball-goers and taking the opportunity to show Pembroke’s efforts to mark thirty years since women were first admitted to the College. It was also a time to celebrate a year of hard work by PemWomen@30 committee members, who had a wonderful time.

The PemWomen@30 team also partnered with the May Ball Committee to raise money for the charity Camfed, supporting the education of young women in sub-Saharan Africa, through the optional charitable donation on ticket sales.

The PemWomen@30 team would like to thank the 2015 May Ball Committee, particularly the Presidents, Patrick Kirkham and Zoe Walker, and the Drinks Officer, Stefan Ulrich, for allowing us to be part of such a fantastic event; and to everyone who helped to blow up balloons on the day and erect the arch – we are truly grateful!

Taylor McCall (2013)